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Varitonil: How to Recover Fast after Sex?

During sex, men, after ejaculation become tired for a certain time before regaining strength and interest for another round.  The time waiting to regain strength can sometimes destroy the mood of your partner even you – you do not want that to happen, right? Here comes Varitonil the newest male enhancement supplement to hit the market.

Men have a recovery period and it is called as the male refractory period (MRP), it is the time after men ejaculates – lasting about 15minutes to almost an hour. Younger people tend to have a shorter refractory period than older men. This is why there are huge benefits for older men to try Varitonil.

As a 25 year old man having a long refractory period is disappointing. It makes me think that I am weak compared to men having the same ages as mine. My partner will wait for a while before having another round.

I really want to shorten this resting period during sex, I researched about product that could help me with my problem and I’ve read an article that recommend Varitonil to shorten recovery time during sex.

At first I was hesitant because i thought taking a supplement like Varitonil would be harmful to my health but I was really determined to use and besides I am still young and do not have other health conditions. I tried the product for about a week and observed that there was shorter refractory period. I was also not able to experience any harmful side effects from using Varitonil.

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What is Headlock Muscle Growth?

Headlock muscle growth is a supplement designed to help workout professionals, recreational athletes or anyone trying to get in shape, to gain muscle and lose fat quickly and effectively. Its high-quality ingredients, laboratory tested performance and proven efficiency make it stand out from a sea of mediocre nutritional supplements.

How does Headlock Muscle Growth help you build muscle?

The key to Headlock Muscle Growth’s success is the mix of hormone enhancing and fat-burning ingredients. For instance, Maca Root, a herb found in the mountains of South America has amazing hormone balancing effects. When it comes to building muscle, high levels of testosterone are necessary, and Maca Root will help to increase and balance them out with other hormones. Having optimal hormone levels is crucial for healthy fat loss.

A healthy sex drive is an indicator of a healthy body and another Headlock Muscle Growth ingredient called Yohimbe will help in this field. It increases blood flow bringing more oxygen into your muscles and boosts stamina, which results in higher energy levels in the gym as well as the bed. All in all, a fantastic product for anyone looking for an extra kick.

What are the best drugs for dealing with erectile dysfunction?


Erectile Dysfunction is a pain.  It is something that occurs in over 50% of men between the ages of 35 and 65, with many more experiencing it at some point in their lives.  It can make having sexual or romantic relationships difficult. It can be a lonely problem to have and an embarrassing one to work on.  Many with erectile dysfunction don’t treat it. However, it is a relatively easy problem to treat. It’s a small number of men that report not being able to achieve no erection at all.  The issue can be caused by stress. The size of one’s workload or a high amount of stress makes it difficult for the body to be in the positive state required to achieve an erection.  Other issues can be circulatory in nature, lower testosterone levels, or as simple as temporary inability.  Whatever the cause, modern medicine has created an abundance of solutions for dealing with erectile dysfunction.  From supplements to scheduled medication, the opportunities are affordable and successful in producing results for healthiest men.

erectile-dysfunctionAvanafil, Tadalafil, and Sildenafil are three of the most used medications for treating erectile dysfunction for healthy men.  Whilst most insurance companies cover the cost of these three erectile dysfunction medications, some only do to a limit.   This can be a costly hassle as some limit individuals to as few as ten pills a month. After the limit has been crossed the out of pocket cost for sildenafil for instance can be as high as thirty or forty dollars per pill.  Avanafil and Tadalafil work by increasing the circulation of blood within the body and specifically the blood flow to the penis.  This results in a firm erection that can last between three to five hours depending on a few health factors.  The benefits of using these are the speed at which results come. Due to how long the drugs have been around, the side effects reported are relatively consistent. This is good for those that want to know what they are getting themselves into.  Because of the composition of the drugs, there are those that have experienced negative reactions from mixing with other drugs.  It’s best to use only one of these drugs at a time as the stress on the heart/body can be arduous.  Another con of using the aforementioned drugs is the lack of long term benefit.  They can take a toll on the body the longer they are used and can effectively make genital and overall health worse.  Their cost also makes them difficult to consistently use over a long period of time depending on the user’s financial situation.

erectile-dysfunction-treatmentAn alternative to using expensive and body damaging erectile dysfunction medications such as Sildenafil is using drugs that focus on naturally boosting the erectile capabilities of the body while enhancing general sexual health and drive. Edge HPX is built with bodily benefits in mind and improving libido at a fraction of the cost of competitor’s drugs.  Running as low as fifteen dollars for an entire month supply, it’s easy to obtain without a subscription and it’s delivery is extremely discrete.  It’s easy to get delivered to the home without anyone knowing what it’s packaging contains. Edge HPX is composed of a few natural supplements that when used together have a myriad of benefits for the user.  Whereas many drugs focus on short term use and relief, Edge HPX is useful due its focus on being a long term effective solution. Many report successful results within a few days of use that last as long as it’s taken and some report results lasting after use has ceased.  This can be due to the impact it has on improving circulation throughout the body without putting stress on the cardio and respiratory functions of the body. Edge HPX cleanly causes the production of estrogen within the body to be limited, leading to less weight issues that negatively impact erectile function and testosterone production.  At the same time, Edge HPX makes its biggest impact on the conversion of healthy cholesterol into testosterone. It basically increases the ability for more cholesterol to create more testosterone by improving the function of the brain to effectively communicate with the genitals.

When trying to choose between medications for treating erectile dysfunction the focus should be on three things. First, the cost that would accumulate financially over the course of a year’s use of the product. This can include transportation, insurance and out of pocket costs.  Second, the cost on the body versus the benefits of prolonged use. Is the option considered going to have a negative impact that will be permanently damaging?  If so, another solution may need to be taken, as temporary relief may just make the real problem worse.  Third, is the solution being considered the best option for your lifestyle?  Once all three have been taken into account, it should be easy to make the decision for improving your overall sexual health.

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