Can you cure erectile dysfunction?

Can you cure erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is easily treatable. There are multiple options to take for undergoing treatment. Going to a medical professional is a sure and quick way to get diagnosed and treated. Erectile dysfunction is as well self-diagnosable. The ability for self-treatment is also a viable option. The choices for treatment are there, all one has to do is commit.


Erectile dysfunction can hit a man at any age, but tends to around the age of 40. Having a midlife crisis or living in a high-stress induced environment can affect the male body sexually. Around the age 60 is where men start to experience the most erectile dysfunction.

Other health issues can force their way into affecting a man’s sexual life. Heart problems can affect blood flow to other extremities in the body. Tobacco usage also affects blood flow to extremities. Overall, a man has to live a healthy life in order to combat erectile dysfunction. Modern medicine can help shorten the process.

Modern Medicine

There are multiple ways modern medicine can facilitate the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The medication for erectile dysfunction can be taken orally, or inserted through the tip of the penis. Sometimes injections are made into the penis as well.

The most common medications first prescribed to men with erectile dysfunction are Stendra,viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Staxyn. These medications are temporary fixes because these are only taken before sex. Varying anytime from 15 minutes to 36 hours beforehand, men take these pills orally and can perform sexually. It is advised not to take more than one a day.

Around 80 percent of men who take these pills find them effective. Viagra is taken orally and takes about 30 minutes to start working. Once inside, Viagra will work for approximately 4 hours. A side note, to do consume with a fatty meal because it will not be broken down well.

Similar to Viagra, Cialis also takes about 30 minutes to be absorbed. However, once it’s absorbed it stays in the body for 36 hours. Cialis gives a longer time span to effectively and continually utilize the drug. The long half-life is what makes the drug so appealing to men diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. If taken once a day orally, the 30 minute wait would not be necessary. Cialis would act as a boost the body needs to achieve and maintain an erection.

The side-effects of these pills are essential to know. If the erection lasts more than 4 hours, it is advised to seek medical help directly.


Other side effects include:

  • Sinus issues
  • Headaches
  • Muscle tension
  • Blue-green shade in eyesight

The most commonly experienced side effect is a headache. The easiest way to combat that would be to take ibuprofen or some pain relief medication. For Cialis, some men experience back pain the following day. If Cialis were to become part of the daily medication dosage, the back pain would lessen.

Not all men can take these medications because it coincides with medication they are already taking. Since most of the men experiencing erectile dysfunction are already experiencing another health condition, medications overlap. Taking heart medication overlaps with erectile dysfunction treatment.

Nitrate drugs for heart disease mixed with erectile dysfunction pills can cause blood pressure to drop at exceedingly high rates. When visiting a physician, it is important to discuss all existing health issues.

Other than pills, injections are also an option to treat erectile issues. The doctor may suggest alprostadil, which is a drug that is injected to the side of the penis. A man can also undergo surgery to have pellets of alprostadil inserted into the penis. Alprostadil is highly effective because once inserted it automatically help improve blood flow to penis. In fact, an erection occurs within minutes of insertion.

Using just alprostadil is an extremely painful experience for some men. It is also expensive as well, since it costs 30 dollars a dosage. Doctors are now prescribing a combination of three drugs that makes the process much easier and less dangerous.

Papaverine, Phentolamine, and Alprostadil are mixed together to create Trimix. Trimix is a stronger and more potent drug formula that allow smaller dosages of each drug. The cost goes down tremendously when using Trimix. An entire vial would cost about 100 dollars, whereas a dosage would cost 2 dollars.

Other than drugs, there are modern mechanisms to treat erectile dysfunction. Some men use a Vacuum Erection Device, VED for short. A plastic piece goes over the penis, and air is pumped out of the plastic. The pressure results in an erection. To keep the blood flow steady, a large rubber ring is required to be put over the base of the penis. Once the ring is inserted, the plastic covering has to be removed. The ring can safely stay on the base of the penis for approximately 30 minutes.

The device is extremely safe to use, but is only preferred by some men. Some companies require a prescription in order to purchase the Vacuum Erection Device. As it is utilized more over time, it becomes an easier process to undergo.


Natural remedies

There are natural ways for a man to cure erectile dysfunction. A complete change in lifestyle is the essential way. Working out increases blood flow throughout the body. Over time, a positive change in body will result in a healthier body.

Cutting out vices will also cure erectile dysfunction. Alcohol and smoking tobacco are main enablers of erectile dysfunction. Studies have shown there being significant success in treating erectile dysfunction when patients limited tobacco and alcohol consumption.

There are also natural supplements to take, but take a much longer time to work than straight modern medicine. Natural remedies can mimic what prescribed medications can do, but not nearly as effective. Taking prescribed medication will usually result in a direct erection. Natural remedies take longer but are much more lasting for the human body.

Erectile dysfunction eventually affects almost all men at a certain point in their lives. Men can naturally prevent erectile dysfunction by living a healthy lifestyle and taking natural supplements. Once erectile dysfunction does occur, modern medicine is the quickest route to take.